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64% of subscribers report reading Impressions for 6 years or longer.



87% of respondents read Impressions either through their subscription or someone else’s

80% spend 30 minutes to more than an hour reading each issue of Impressions.

98% read and share their copy of Impressions with up to 4 people



85% of respondents indicate Impressions is a key source for product/supplier ideas and sourcing.

89% purchased an advertised product or contacted the manufacturer directly.

79% shared Impressions with a co-worker or archived an article for future reference.


Buying Power: 

95% of respondents recommend, specify or approve the purchase of goods and services.

85% of respondents are company owners, presidents, VPs or partners.

73% expect purchases to increase in the next 12 months.


Leading Industry Publication: 

80% of respondents said Impressions does the best job covering all aspects of the decorated-apparel industry.

96% of respondents rate Impressions as Good to Excellent.

82% pick Impressions as their preferred publication with the next closest publication coming in at 10%.


Readers Tell Us:

“I look forward to seeing Impressions for new ideas and products. Keep up the great work!”


“Impressions has always offered the right mix of information in easy-to-understand ways.”


“Impressions hits a wide variety of topics, which is good. Also, articles are written in a language that my employees can understand despite any variance of screen-printing knowledge.”


“You offer the latest news in the apparel industry.”


“It meets my needs. I especially like finding suppliers and ideas for other equipment that might be a good fit for my business.”


“Impressions is very thorough and helpful with my small business.”


“Impressions has all the elements for a successful business. All the information you will ever need for embroidery and screen printing and other garment applications.”


“I’ve been in the industry for over 40 years. Impressions has always been my go-to magazine.”


“Impressions has so much good information for whatever job you’re working on or pursusing.”



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